Travel all over – Oldies but Goldies

A little archive album.

I guess every person is spending his money differently. To invest in travels and therefore in meeting new people and in the best case meeting a new “self” is something probably not “touchable” or “resellable” but at the end the only thing that transformed (me at least) the most. It’s giving me the opportunity to see things through a different kind of way, to live outside my comfort zone and to remind me that we at the end are all connected, that we need eachother to grow and that we all are full of our personal dreams and desires – no matter the race / culture / environment. If we are all born travelers or not – I don’t know.. but I know that my heart knows best where I have to go and where I will belong.

Travel is a lot. But at the end, as well not everything.

Interrail Europe – “La Tomatina” – Lissabon – Austria – Germany – Switzerland – Ireland – England – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Hawaii – Mexico City – Kuba – Bahamas – Miami – New York – Saint Maarten & Saint Barth – Netherlands…