Tour Diary VANDERAA ’18

My hair got curly after spending weeks with those Aussies. Call it fate or coincidence, but I believe in destiny. And this is one good example. Cheers AARON & LEVI – you are angels and I will never forget the time and the work with you. That was one hell of a party haha.

I want the pictures talk for this beautiful trip. And once again, what can I say.. what happens on tour stays on tour.

What I love to share instead is a Music Video from Lisa aka LITTLE ELEMENT. Call if fate or coincidence again, but she just shared the stage with the Boys some weeks before in Innsbruck and we run into her in Portugal on a hill. What a fun video shoot, talented JOHANNES nailed it! Afterwards he joined us on the road which I would like to share as well. Have fun watching & listening:

Little Element – The Roads (Totally in Love with her music!!)

VanderAa, Behind the scenes, Peniche / Portugal

Thanks Guys, thanks LAUREN for making the Gig on the 6th of April at Coolin possible. This was the last time I could saw our beloved friend MIMI. Call it coincidence again, I knew her back from 2014, straight afterwards she moved to Australia and became seriously the neighbor of my sweet love VanderAa Brothers before I even met them. Not only that the day of the concert was her last day in Hossegor before she left for her next travel, the fact that we all knew each other and the world seemed so small for us made her saying that she wanted to be sure to welcome and party with us that night.. I am super grateful for this last hours chatting and dancing with her.