Surftrip to Morocco ’19

I am thinking about why I went on this trip. I seriously don’t remember why I chose this destination. But I guess I knew I have to go there, somewhere far and exotic, somewhere were I can surf – specially after a long and intense winter season in the office. So I packed my stuff and went to Taghazout, got picked up by staff (he drove so fast I was wondering why – then I realized the sun went down so he finally could drink n eat, he must been hating me arriving exactly that time haha), I surfed, I threw up, I met a lot of awesome people in the hostel, almost died on a 40 degrees walk, enjoyed a “Hamam” with my roommate acting like we are a couple, had good talks with locals about the “Ramadan”, wanted to buy a handmade carpet but had no space in my luggage and felt like I need at lot more weeks to truly feel and understand their culture – I guess, a normal kind of Morocco trip 😉