Surf Trips in Sardegna (IT) ’18

Went to Sardegna – 2 times in 1 year. I am unforgivable. Maybe not the most sustainable way, but seriously had to do it. I’ve watched “Bella vita” – a Surf Movie about surfing in Italy, if you haven’t see it, I can highly recommend it (Trailer). Loved it so much so I had to go there check it out. In May 2018 I chose a Surf House – and somehow met local legend FRANCESO and his crew – which was actually in the movie guiding the crew around Chris del Moro and Dave Rastovich. There was not a lot of surf that week, but still I had a lot of fun with the people I met and enjoyed the good food and the crystal clear water. The trip continued and I went down south by the train to meet my friends NICO, DANI & STEFFI, a fun story.. haha. Their video diary may talks for itself haha:

In October the same year I came back as I heard about Roxy coming over for a Classic Longboard Women Camp in the same Surf Club, at the same time as they are holding the famous “Sagra del Surf”. My Girls ANNA & SARA which never surfed and skated before joined and those legends were killing it! The way we surfed there was so game changing – one is sure, with focusing on your mind you can transform your fear into courage and break that walls. We as well run into a Hippie Festival on the Beach were we met friends from back home, so how small is the world once again.

I’ll be back 100%