Project WUNDERWALD, Ritten (IT) ’18

A good friend called HANNES and a Friend of him, FLORIAN plus a local Farmer called HANS-PETER, all legends themselve, created a beautiful Project back in “Ritten”, a little town in South Tyrol. The Boys asked me to join the Project so I could stay there the whole Summer. We’ve created this Space in the middle of the Forest specially for the youth in the area, so that they could hang out, be in the nature, help in the Bar and get involved in the Events.

Since then the Project has grown and I am super happy they got the support they need! This was one of the best invested times ever. There is nothing better for me then seeing young people simply “playing and exploring” rather than being on the phone the whole time. Technology is part of the game, but indeed just a part. For me one of the best role model in working with and for our future, the youth:

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