Living in Norway ’16

To be honest, I left this album as one of the last I’ve uploaded. I love to take my time for every album and to be ready to drive back to all emotions and feelings.

Norway and as well Hossegor has been the most influencing time in my mature life. “Travel” for me is not only travel anymore.. it is more like a CALL from deep inside which tells you “GO THERE!” and all will somehow work out perfectly in flow and you will know this gonna be important. And so it was in Norway. In that moment I was probably not aware of it, but definitely afterwards when I was sitting in the airplane on the way back home. Months/years later I even realized how this all impact my thoughts, wishes, jobs… and how I act to everything around me. Feels like it was “my time” and no one else can ever take this away for me, in a positive, deserved, vulnerable and strong way.

Fun fact: So I met a guy in Norway, he was from Australia but lived in England. We became really good friends, he had no phone, so we said “see us when we see us!” I like that things haha! ..2 years later.. yeah Im gonna build this up now – ..2 years later.. I went to a Concert from Ben Howard on a Lake in Italy (by the way my fav musician). 5000 People at least.. as we had some time before the concert started my friends an me went for a Beer in a Bar. The Bar was fully packed. There were only 2 tables free. WE GOT ONE of them.. 1 minute later 2 people got the other table.. guess who it was! Haha. Life is crazy MIND BLOWING sometimes.

And now, before I start looking for the perfect wise or even emotional words I will leave it like this.

Thanks Norway for giving me one of the biggest lessons I have learned. Thanks as well for the visit Lexi, Nadja, Mirja & Dad.. without you I would not have taken one picture I guess. Sometimes I am so fascinated or maybe even in my own bubble that I even forget about that.