Living in Munich (DE) ’13

“She said: Hello Mister – please to meet ya!”

Munich was my first “Living Outside South Tyrol” Experience. Kind of like an escape, a call for a little risk. I loved the summer there – but hated the winter. Totally loved my new Job and responsibility there – on the other side it was a beginning of listening closer to what I want and what I don’t want in my life. Most of the time it felt like a heartbreak, like an on-off relationship, like a rollercoaster. And to be honest, I loved rollercoasters that time.

Munich itself was interesting to me. Proper Germans were interesting to me. And thanks god Munich got me definitely closer to the Live Concert Scene. Never joined as many high quality concerts and exhibitions as in Munich. Angus Stone, Mumford & Sons, Laura Marling, Ben Howard, Glen Hansard, The Lumineers, Current Swell, Of Monsters and heroes of that time – what a bad a lot of Bars had to close now.

As quick as I decided to move to Munich as quick I left again. I ended the year with working on the Oktoberfest (Check!) and with the wisdom that the world is now opening up for me.