Living in LAAX (CH) ’15

After the most transforming summer in my life I just wanted to continue having a good life and working OUTSIDE. I heard about this Snowboard Paradise in the Swiss Alps. Now some years afterwards I think I may met THE PERFECT BOSS. That, amongst other things, is why this winter deserves a post also if I kind of “forgot” to take pictures. I actually applied for a Sales Job over there but my Boss decided that being a Snowboard Teacher would suit me better. Haha – Alright man, no defense!!

IVAN, THE BOSS made this all happen. I think they really know how to build up a Business over there, as it works. Maybe because you need to be a passionate Snowboarder yourself to build up a Snowboard Paradise.. kind of makes sense right? More important, they take care of their employees, maybe because they “see” them, which could end up however for any individual. Leading people is one of the most fragile Job ever on my opinion. Just do it if it really suits you, so that it brings you and others joy. Taking responsibility for your own life should be lesson numero uno before taking responsibility for others.

IVAN, another Ivan, MY FRIEND AND WINGMAN, actually inspired me to move to Laax. He inspired me to Hossegor as well.. The Power of the Ivan’s I dare to say – and so I bow me in gratitude.

A little thought on this way to my teacher-trainer who suffered from memory loss after an unlucky crash on the slopes end of the season. A real leader and influencer without even being aware of it.