Koala Surf House

In the heart of Soorts-Hossegor, France.

My personal way to feel free..

HOSTING for me, is giving a home to people, also if it may sounds like a cliche, got ya! But yeah, a place where we aloud people to simply calm down after their surf, to give them a break or even an adventure, a home where they can have a hot shower, a place to cook, a couch n table to share stories, meet each other, cuddle, feel save & free. It is just beautiful to take care of others and to have people instead of screens around. Aswell the feeling of saying goodbye with a smile makes you feel enjoying present even more. Some say.. if it does not feel like work – you have found your dream job. Indeed it kind of feels like that. In the other hand I have to say, it may do not feel like hard work (but who needs hard work anyway – and it should be NORMAL to do what you love) but it feels like I had to earn it, of course. Earn this beauty of a job with my past experiences, with courage, risk, trust, being myself, and some genetics and luck I guess. But still – some things in life seems like happening in a flow, not really planned, they happen easily, like for a reason – or because of a reason and they feel good from the beginning till the end – we earn what we seed.

THE KOALA SURF HOUSE is of course NOT MY OWN PROJECT, hell I wish, but lovely , beautiful, smart and legendary Lena, the owner of the Surf House, makes me feel like being a big part of it and gives me all the trust, respect and love to run and share THIS DREAM. Love that we are both super easy going, like “no drama please” haha, we share a lot of love for animals, being outside and feeling good, the responsibility for our environment, words and acts and our passion for board sports, cold water, crosswords, tango, yoga, “no screen” and “oh am I the only woman here” – moments haha… to have a little risk, to not take everything seriously, to let things just happen if they feel good… and all in one the desire to leave this planet a magical happy place sharing it with all this beautiful individuals. Also check out how all started for Lena back in 2003 or even earlier not sure: “House Hunters International”. So old school, love it, things changed aren’t they haha.

HOSSEGOR, the surfing capitol of Europe, damn facing all fear in the water there haha. And for me personally my place of power, where I not get judged, where I get everything I need for living, my personal place to always feel free. Not only I had the most beautiful summer back in 2014 ever there – not only I have shared one of the most heartbreaking days loosing our good Friend Mimi back in 2019 tragically on the streets of Hossegor, which connected me even more with this place – As well destiny gave me this opportunity to come back this year to connect again with my inner strength, to be connected with the water and to enjoy some flow after some crazy years. All in one a place I call a big part of myself, a place I am feeling home and giving home, a place where I get even so inspired to work on more future projects… And I better not start talking about the waves, the city center, the forest, the perfect smooth streets, the skate parks, the bars…

Grateful I don’t need to travel so far to get this feeling. Super happy to welcome you if you feel like coming around! Lena, Lisa, Gizmo and me are waiting for you. Click the link on the top to find more Infos and to Book your Stay.

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