Crossing the Alps ’19

Wow – the last time I felt so connected to nature was really really long ago. My friend KATHI came up with this idea to hike from our current home in Innsbruck all the way to Venice. I did not had to think about it twice as I had this in my mind for a long time as well. The fun fact was that we both planned another route.. I prepared for a chilled and quite pilgrimage like the “Jakobsweg” – Kathi instead thought we prepare for crossing the Alps and to camp on an altitude of 3000 meter. So the first day on our hike we already got lost realizing we both follow different directions haha. We somehow ended up that day on 2800 meter altitude on a hut in snowy conditions. My equipment was everything but not made for those conditions. We then realized as well that if we don’t want to go back to find the other route we had to climb 7 peaks the next day to get to the next hut. And you know what, we stayed on that route, I almost had to give up the first days because of bad knee pain, but – we did it and it was the best decision ever.

We hiked for almost 3 weeks from 5 to 9 hours daily, 3 days separated, around 300-400km in total. We both agreed – It felt like a never ending Meditation. When we arrived in Venice we got overwhelmed from all the tourists – we were of course happy and proud but we missed nature already – so we drank our well deserved “Veneziano”, checked the classic shot on the “Markusplatz”, jumped in the train and ended our tour back in “nature” on a classic beach holiday in Ravenna – putting up our feet!

The journey is the reward, and when you reach your destination, it starts all over again.

But different.